Seeking an Outdoor Adventure where you can pause and be present?

This site was launched Oct. 2020 and is under development. This is a non-promotional site I created to simply share my research and pictures of outdoor adventures I have experienced in hopes that it will make it easier for others to find similar joy in nature. You can filter the list of blogs by State or by State and County. Currently the Connecticut based counties are in the footer.

I also have blogs I refer to as “Inspirations.” These are moments that inspired me to be present that I share in case they could provide any inspiration to you.

I have found that some of these adventures have been greatly improved by my intentional effort of being “present.” My goal is to recognize a moment during each adventure of something that was likely only experienced due to that increased focus. These are represented in my blog pictures as my “Be Present Gift of the Day”; things I feel I only was able to experience as I was truly present.

The blogs speak to various impressions of different parks, preserves, lakes and rivers and share pictures and commentary on walks, hikes, biking, kayaking and even seeks to include best views for sunsets and overlooks.

Give yourself the opportunity to see new things

If you make the conscious decision to pause and reflect

Focus on what is around you and suddenly you’ll see

Taking that moment, the gift will suddenly appear.

Did you ever receive a gift from being present?

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