About Me Then and Now

Please know there is no business affiliation with this blog. It’s non-promotional and is a passion project intended to make it easier for people to find places to enjoy and relax. I view the information as my gift to others and as a means to “virtually” socialize. If you enjoyed something pay it forward and share the research. Sometimes it’s just doing the research for someone that helps folks go out and enjoy.

About Me Then

A few years ago while at the gym I was prodded by the teacher to “be present.”

Be present, I thought? I am present. I’m working out and thinking of my current to do list of bills and food shopping, the meetings I need to prepare for while also following the moves in class. I’m quite present I thought.

I even researched the phrase and still didn’t quite understand what I was doing that made me appear not present. I am focused on all my “present” things I have to do!

What else could there be? This blog represents the answers to that question.

Cape Ann, Massachusetts

About Me Now

Over time, I started to better understand. I was not always fully engaged with what I was doing. I could see the forest but not the trees. I could see there was water but was it the ocean?

I started a journey to better appreciate what is around me and wanted to share those finds with others in hopes it would bring them similar joy. The blog contains various outdoor adventures I have experienced – walking, hiking, biking and kayaking to include “gifts” I received by being present.

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