NY: Catskills Region-Plattekill Falls

At the top of Platte Clove across the street from the main trailhead lot is a short hike to a beautiful drop waterfall.

While perhaps not as majestic as the close by Kaaterskill, these falls are with the short but steep climb to the bottom with a lovely overlook peek on the way.

After taking the obligatory shot straight on, as I searched through my photos I could not help notice that it appears in the rocks that “Charlie Chaplin” is watching over the falls.

You can park about 5-7 cars on the side of the road. The entrance is said to be by the little red house (pictured below).

Keep in mind Platt Clove road is a seasonal road given how steep and curvy it is. Drive slowly and stay safe and be aware as you walk on the road.

As noted in the Catskill website: WATERFALL TRAIL: The Waterfall Trail is an approximately 1/3 mile, one-way trail to the base of Plattekill Falls. The trail begins at the trail junction in front of the informational kiosk just above the Red Cabin. From here the trail goes eastward and slopes downward to the edge of the clove and then turns and descends to the base of Plattekill Falls. CAUTION – this trail is narrow and descends through a steep gorge. Proper footwear (hiking boots or shoes) is required to safely navigate this trail. The trail ends at the base of Plattekill Falls. Hikers should be aware that swimming is prohibited in the waterfall. Return to the kiosk the same way you came.

Published by Belinda Sheets

This is a non-promotional blog. I am not a photographer nor am I selling anything through this blog. Professionally I am a Business Transformation Specialist focused on gaining efficiencies and reducing costs for major corporations. Recent life experiences made me better appreciate the present and all that can be seen by increasing my focus and attention on my surroundings. I always enjoyed going out and exercising and I would look but I did not see as my attention was on resolving some problem. Captured through pictures and sharing insights about various locations, I hope others can enjoy my research and insights and allow themselves to pause a few moments and truly appreciate and learn new things. When you follow me that is my only gift. To know I have touched you enough to want to follow the blog. Respectfully (Stay Safe), Belinda Sheets Business Transformation professional with interests in photography, hiking, bicycling and kayaking and learning how to be present.

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