Inspiration: Lyme And Life

Always advocate for yourself. I spent four months trying to figure out a plethora of symptoms to learn I have and have had Lyme for a while while being dismissed by a host of doctors (and unfortunately some friends). Truth is, some of the symptoms started three years ago. Lyme can mimic some very seriousContinue reading “Inspiration: Lyme And Life”

Inspiration- Morning Moon

I have so much to learn about the universe – both literally and figuratively. Finding a piece of the moon just beyond reach of my favorite magnolia raised my curiosity to learn more. I don’t recall ever seeing it there. A moment later the sun took center stage highlighting the forest with a range ofContinue reading “Inspiration- Morning Moon”

Inspiration: Transitions

I usually select one sunrise picture to share but today I thought about the beauty in its transition. Notice how the second shot is not as vibrant as the first or third although they were taken in sequence. It reminded me of how much I learn from both life’s ups and downs. To look atContinue reading “Inspiration: Transitions”

Inspiration- Gratitude Journaling

At my stage in life there are great benefits and epiphanies I wish I could share with my younger self. The value of allowing yourself to pause but for a minute and see, appreciate and remember a lovely scene. The benefits go so far beyond the obvious and yet so hard to describe. My choosingContinue reading “Inspiration- Gratitude Journaling”

Inspiration- Connecticut Christmas Sunset

I had to rush out of the house to make an appointment. I kept running up and down the stairs to grab the keys or my phone. As I scurried I noticed the beautiful colors of the sunset complementing the neighbors Christmas tree reflecting in their pond. I grabbed my camera and took some shotsContinue reading “Inspiration- Connecticut Christmas Sunset”