CT: Fairfield- Westport/Southport Coastal Ride

I cried happy tears through almost this entire ride as I met people, had new experiences and felt things I never have before – even though the route is quite familiar. An egret was most welcoming at the entrance of Burying Hill Beach and posed as I tried to get out of the way ofContinue reading “CT: Fairfield- Westport/Southport Coastal Ride”

Inspiration: Lyme And Life

Always advocate for yourself. I spent four months trying to figure out a plethora of symptoms to learn I have and have had Lyme for a while while being dismissed by a host of doctors (and unfortunately some friends). Truth is, some of the symptoms started three years ago. Lyme can mimic some very seriousContinue reading “Inspiration: Lyme And Life”

CT: New Canaan: Grace Farms

We were treated to the Eastern approach of the respect given to drinking tea and had a wonderful meditative stroll around the property uncovering baby birds, bunnies and butterflies. The architecture, while famous, is a catalyst to understanding the mission of Grace Farms. Enter the pavilion as a transition to start your journey letting goContinue reading “CT: New Canaan: Grace Farms”

Inspiration: It’s a mad world

I spent a cold winters afternoon at Grace Farms in an inspirational and warm environment. One of their beautiful glass buildings is their library filled with opportunities for growth and insights. I recognized I selected a book which may take me on a journey far away while sitting in New Canaan, CT. Its messages wereContinue reading “Inspiration: It’s a mad world”

Inspiration- Morning Moon

I have so much to learn about the universe – both literally and figuratively. Finding a piece of the moon just beyond reach of my favorite magnolia raised my curiosity to learn more. I don’t recall ever seeing it there. A moment later the sun took center stage highlighting the forest with a range ofContinue reading “Inspiration- Morning Moon”

Inspiration- Gratitude Journaling

At my stage in life there are great benefits and epiphanies I wish I could share with my younger self. The value of allowing yourself to pause but for a minute and see, appreciate and remember a lovely scene. The benefits go so far beyond the obvious and yet so hard to describe. My choosingContinue reading “Inspiration- Gratitude Journaling”