CT: Madison: Hammonasset State Park

Enjoyed a wonderfully tranquil walk beach side. For several years I have gone to the Meig’s point area of Hammonasset in hopes to see a glimpse of the winter seals that are said to come near the shore. Fortunately I came upon a woman with binoculars to improve my view. The picture is at aContinue reading “CT: Madison: Hammonasset State Park”

CT: Hartford County- Ragged Mountain (Fall)

Mind, body and spirit can all be improved with a fulfilling walk in nature. Having previously been on an exciting moon hike at Ragged Mountain I decided to try a Fall walk on what turned out to be a perfect 70s weather day in October. I paused to recognize the efforts of the many volunteersContinue reading “CT: Hartford County- Ragged Mountain (Fall)”

CT: Norwalk: Norwalk Aquarium

A perfect respite for a hot and humid day. I took the kids when they were young and decided to check out what’s new since. I enjoyed learning about the seals, walking as the butterflies flew all around, waving back at the turtle and watching the kids pet the stingrays! I was honestly thinking ofContinue reading “CT: Norwalk: Norwalk Aquarium”

CT: New Canaan: Grace Farms

We were treated to the Eastern approach of the respect given to drinking tea and had a wonderful meditative stroll around the property uncovering baby birds, bunnies and butterflies. The architecture, while famous, is a catalyst to understanding the mission of Grace Farms. Enter the pavilion as a transition to start your journey letting goContinue reading “CT: New Canaan: Grace Farms”

NY: Catskills- Peekamoose Bluehole

For a couple of years I read about a small swimming hole with a blue glow within the NY Catskill preserve. It would get so busy that now it requires reservations and is manned to ensure it’s kept clean. I met a really nice 25 year old ranger named Eli who checked us in. HeContinue reading “NY: Catskills- Peekamoose Bluehole”

CT: New Haven County- West Rock Ridge State Park

I love a loop. Went left to the Judges Cave side of the park. Blue trail, to teal/white and back on red. I found kids climbing around and through Judges Cave in which judges were hidden after issuing the King a death warrant in 1649 (pictured below upper right). This named Regicides (the act ofContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- West Rock Ridge State Park”

CT: Fairfield County- Stamford Nature Center

I feel fortunate to have the Stamford Museum and Nature Center near me but it’s one of those places that’s certainly worth the drive if I weren’t. The property is very well maintained and the animals are too! So lovely to see them about in such comforting surroundings. While they offer many activities for kids,Continue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Stamford Nature Center”

MA: Berkshires- West Stockbridge- Olivia’s Overlook

I appreciate opportunities to drive up to an overlook after hiking so much to them! Olivia’s Overlook provides that opportunity! The first time I went to this spot was on a road bike tour so it was a quick resting spot after struggling up a steep hill. Much easier to appreciate driving to it whichContinue reading “MA: Berkshires- West Stockbridge- Olivia’s Overlook”

NY: Catskills Region- Huckleberry Point

A moderate hike with a surprise series of waterfalls! The distance was manageable at 5 total miles out and back to the point with clear markers along the way. Start on blue for about a mile and then switch to the yellow at a hard right until you could go no further. As you startContinue reading “NY: Catskills Region- Huckleberry Point”

NY- Dutchess County- Millbrook- Innisfree Garden (Fall)

I went away for a weekend in the Fall with a friend expecting to stay in Millerton when I discovered I was staying in Millbrook! Fortunately Millbrook has Innisfree Garden where you can make a wish and see rainbows! We walked around the lake which offered distinct foliage and views from each angle. Note thatContinue reading “NY- Dutchess County- Millbrook- Innisfree Garden (Fall)”