CT: New Haven County- Castle Craig Moon & Friendship Rising

Once a month Hubbard Park keeps the road open to drive up to Castle Craig in the evening for the full moon rising. It was a clear and warm ish Fall Day so while it’s an hour and a half drive I thought I might give myself a nudge and drive on up! I definitelyContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Castle Craig Moon & Friendship Rising”

CT: New Haven County- Farmington Canal Greenway (Biking)

A great bike ride with “eats.” Start off at the lot by the entrance of the York Hill Campus of Quinnipiac University in Hamden. Ride a mostly flat five miles into New Haven passing the elegant architecture of the Yale campus along the way. While I chose to stop and get a great poke bowl,Continue reading “CT: New Haven County- Farmington Canal Greenway (Biking)”

CT: New Haven: Yale Art Gallery

An afternoon in the museum to include Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Trumbull amongst my favorites but so much more. I spent a great deal of time in front of this mural with all the hidden imagery. Turn around and step outside to the sculptures overlooking New Haven. Even the views out the windows were breathtaking.Continue reading “CT: New Haven: Yale Art Gallery”

CT: New Haven County- Guilford: Cilantro (hot chocolate)

This year one of my gold is to try the different hot chocolate options in the state. Cilantro offers one of the better hot chocolates with offering of whipped cream and it’s located right on the Guilford green! I’ve vote this one behind Kent Coffee and Chocolate but ahead of Arethusa (possibly due to ArethusaContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Guilford: Cilantro (hot chocolate)”

CT: New Haven County- Milford (Winter Waterfalls)

The temperature was 7 with a windchill of below zero. One of my go to activities on such days are finding easy waterfalls to go see. Fortunately, Duck Pond Falls in Milford fit the bill! But baby was it cold outside! I was fascinated by the different ice formations created by the falls. The waterContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Milford (Winter Waterfalls)”

CT: New Haven County- Southford Falls (Winter Waterfall)

Our temperature is neck to neck with Anchorage Alaska today at 25 degrees which I felt within the icy chasms of Southford Falls. I was surprised to find ice fishing, hockey and kids out ice skating on the pond. I would worry about weaknesses in the ices depth but they all were having a greatContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Southford Falls (Winter Waterfall)”

CT: New Haven County- West Rock Ridge State Park

I love a loop. Went left to the Judges Cave side of the park. Blue trail, to teal/white and back on red. I found kids climbing around and through Judges Cave in which judges were hidden after issuing the King a death warrant in 1649 (pictured below upper right). This named Regicides (the act ofContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- West Rock Ridge State Park”

CT: New Haven County- Meriden- Castle Craig

A 72 degree day in late October in CT and the full harvest moon is to rise on a clear night at a reasonable time. There’s so much to be done – work, cooking, cleaning and a list of to dos. But the town of Meriden was keeping the access road open to the CastleContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Meriden- Castle Craig”

CT: New Haven County- New Haven- Lighthouse Point

The sky was clear and blue with the temperatures comfortable. Definitely sunset weather. Overlook or beach . . . I decided to try lighthouse park since there are so many structures to play with light and colors. Trees, plants, pavilion and an iron tower each provided that opportunity. I placed the lens ball on theContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- New Haven- Lighthouse Point”

CT: New Haven County- Milford – Gulf Beach (sunset)

I am sucker for a good sunset. Gulf Beach in Milford is a resident only parking beach but in the Fall the sunsets a bit earlier and parking is open. A year ago today, before this blog, is when I went. A reminder of the pandemic times on display to keep everyone safe at entry.Continue reading “CT: New Haven County- Milford – Gulf Beach (sunset)”