NY: New Paltz: Mohonk Mountain House Mystery Weekend

Hands down Mohonk Mountain house provides an escape from the real world. It’s several miles away from civilization upon a mountain – just enough distance. Happily snowbound for the mystery and puzzle weekend, we all remained immersed in the 1920s during prohibition to uncover the clues to solve the case of who murdered Lulu! TheContinue reading “NY: New Paltz: Mohonk Mountain House Mystery Weekend”

NY: Lake George- Ice Castles & Winter Festival

With mild winters upon us, the frozen ice castles in Lake George is not always a certainty. The first year I signed up it was cancelled due to the warm weather. But this year it was a go! There was a real igloo with an ice bar. I had a “Dirty Snowman” which was hotContinue reading “NY: Lake George- Ice Castles & Winter Festival”

CT: Fairfield County- The Goose Bistro & Bar (Winter)

A good friend, a tasty restaurant with good wine and a fireplace is a great find in the winter months. I was fortunate enough to hit a home run at The Goose in Darien with a friend recently. we each enjoyed a red wine from Napa Valley sharing grilled calamari and a cauliflower pizza. SitContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- The Goose Bistro & Bar (Winter)”

CT: Middlesex County- Comstock Bridge

Gates to Heaven . . . Or so it appeared to me. This bridge was originally built in 1785. It’s one of three covered bridges that remain in Connecticut. Located in East Hampton, this one is my favorite. Beneath the bridge I swear Salmon River was smiling at the heavenly thought. Stopped at nearby CatoContinue reading “CT: Middlesex County- Comstock Bridge”

CT: Hartford County- Blackledge Falls (Winter)

I stood in the center of Blackledge Falls in Glastonbury, CT which was literally frozen in time. I included myself in the shot for scale. It’s Connecticut’s natural ice castles and is truly amazing to see. About 1/2 mile hike from the lot but it is a steep decline to the falls so must wearContinue reading “CT: Hartford County- Blackledge Falls (Winter)”

CT: Fairfield County- Stamford Museum & Nature Center (Winter)

Heartwarming on a cold winters day was a visit to Stamford Museum and Nature Center. I enjoy the work of Jacque Pepin both as a cook and artist. Cool to see as part of the exhibit are drawings Pepin drew from the nature center itself as well as a brief video of his words ofContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Stamford Museum & Nature Center (Winter)”

CT: New Haven County- Milford (Winter Waterfalls)

The temperature was 7 with a windchill of below zero. One of my go to activities on such days are finding easy waterfalls to go see. Fortunately, Duck Pond Falls in Milford fit the bill! But baby was it cold outside! I was fascinated by the different ice formations created by the falls. The waterContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Milford (Winter Waterfalls)”

CT: New Haven County- Southford Falls (Winter Waterfall)

Our temperature is neck to neck with Anchorage Alaska today at 25 degrees which I felt within the icy chasms of Southford Falls. I was surprised to find ice fishing, hockey and kids out ice skating on the pond. I would worry about weaknesses in the ices depth but they all were having a greatContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Southford Falls (Winter Waterfall)”

CT: Litchfield County- Winter Wonderland Tour

With the first snow of the year I wondered where I could go for the biggest bang for my buck! Litchfield County it was! A great and manageable day with multiple stops and awesome views! This spot was one I stumbled upon when kayaking. At the time I thought it was a hidden enclave withContinue reading “CT: Litchfield County- Winter Wonderland Tour”