NY: Tarrytown: Farmer and the Fish

Time simply unexpectedly unfolded in our best interest. Sunset was at 7PM and the traffic was horrific. Stopped. We reached our chosen restaurant – small without reservations on the water on the perfect evening. The valet reached for the car door and I was convinced we wouldn’t be staying I shared. Table 11 on theContinue reading “NY: Tarrytown: Farmer and the Fish”

CT: Darien- Pear Tree Point Beach

After a pause on the gym for a while, a Lady Gaga class special got me out and cycling again! Fortunately on a beautiful clear night the class ended just in time to head to the beach! Post Labor Day is when the resident limitations of some of the local beaches are lifted. This isContinue reading “CT: Darien- Pear Tree Point Beach”

CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)

Stayed up for a golden sun down at Silver Sands. . . . . . and a lovely moonlit return. Recognize that while you can see the sunrise directly here in the morning, sunset is indirect here but provides you with a beautiful sky most especially with wispy clouds around. I parked at Walnut BeachContinue reading “CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)”

CT: Westport- Compo Beach

Now that it’s beyond May 1st, parking for Compo Beach necessitate a residents sticker. Fortunately you can still walk or bike in. It was a perfect evening for the effort. I enjoyed watching the sun cast it’s shadows and reflections within the perfect trees lining the shore. The pictures tell the story of the eveningContinue reading “CT: Westport- Compo Beach”

CT: Darien: Pear Tree Point (Sunset)

Only a few more weeks until I can no longer access many of my favorite coastline beaches. But tonight my favorite veggie crunch salad was on sale so I grabbed a bunch and head to see the sunset. As I opened my car door, the wind pushed it back towards me. I realized my viewContinue reading “CT: Darien: Pear Tree Point (Sunset)”

CT: Middlesex County- Madison (Drive up sunset)

It’s been a while. At 55 in February it was time for a sunset with reflections. I have always enjoyed the drive up sunsets by the Madison Beach Hotel in Madison, CT You can also stop at their bar and overlook the sunset on the beach on their wraparound porch and simply get lost inContinue reading “CT: Middlesex County- Madison (Drive up sunset)”

CT: Fairfield County- Fairfield-Sasco Hill (Winter Sunset)

The wreath otherwise reminded us of December at almost 60 degrees as the sun was setting on the beach. I was surprised by the number of kids driving up to see the sun set all with their cell phones capturing the changing skies. I noticed the difference in the shoreline with several people and birdsContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Fairfield-Sasco Hill (Winter Sunset)”

CT: Middlesex County- Haddam- Gillette Castle (Holiday)

William Gillette was the actor who originally played Sherlock Holmes who built a home which aligned to his character in CT. During the holiday season they deck the halls of the castle! The actors and docents were engaged and very knowledgeable. I very much enjoyed trying all the different latches of the doors. Gillette alsoContinue reading “CT: Middlesex County- Haddam- Gillette Castle (Holiday)”