CT: Fairfield- Westport/Southport Coastal Ride

I cried happy tears through almost this entire ride as I met people, had new experiences and felt things I never have before – even though the route is quite familiar. An egret was most welcoming at the entrance of Burying Hill Beach and posed as I tried to get out of the way ofContinue reading “CT: Fairfield- Westport/Southport Coastal Ride”

CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)

Stayed up for a golden sun down at Silver Sands. . . . . . and a lovely moonlit return. Recognize that while you can see the sunrise directly here in the morning, sunset is indirect here but provides you with a beautiful sky most especially with wispy clouds around. I parked at Walnut BeachContinue reading “CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)”

RI-Newport-Battery Park Sunset

I was given a local tip for a sunset location in Newport away from the crowds and I found it perfect. I knew it would be fun as I approached as I best enjoy locations which offer other areas of focus in addition the sun. I ran around the park trying to get the sunContinue reading “RI-Newport-Battery Park Sunset”

CT: New Haven County- Milford- Charles Island Music Festival

For the fifth year, the Charles Island Music Festival was held off of Silver Sands State Park on a barge! This annual event benefits the Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital. It’s otherwise a free event but given it’s great cause and how well it’s orchestrated, I would recommend a donation. I generally kayak lakes andContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Milford- Charles Island Music Festival”

FL: Lee County- Bonita Springs- Dog Beach Park

Per bringfido.com:“Lee County Dog Beach, also known as Bonita Beach Dog Park, is located along the edge of Lover’s Key State Park. It’s an off-leash beach to let your dog run free and frolic in the shallow, calm water of the Gulf of Mexico. There are no fences, leashes, or worries. Just plenty of dogsContinue reading “FL: Lee County- Bonita Springs- Dog Beach Park”

CT: Fairfield County- Shelton- Indian Wells State Park

Indian Wells became a state park in 1928. Unbelievably almost 100 years ago. It was one of the first state parks I went to when I first started traveling around CT just for having a bite by the Housatonic River. I heard of a waterfall however so I returned. I’m so glad I did! IContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Shelton- Indian Wells State Park”

NY: Ulster County- Marlboro-Benmarl Winery

One of my favorite trips was biking in Napa Valley and stopping at vineyards along the way. Seeking a touch of Napa on the east coast, I stopped at Benmarl Winery in Marlboro NY. According to an article it’s the oldest vineyard in America. I admit I am a bit skeptical so I will seeContinue reading “NY: Ulster County- Marlboro-Benmarl Winery”

CT: Fairfield County-Easton-Brett Woods Park (Winter)

To keep things interesting, I try and locate new hikes the area. Since it’s the winter with ice and remnants of snow it can be more of a challenge. I chose Brett Woods in Easton and found it worth the jaunt! First, I love loop trails and this was one that was just over twoContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County-Easton-Brett Woods Park (Winter)”

CT: Litchfield County- Washington-Steep Rock Preserve (Winter hike)

Loved Steep Rock in the fall. The colors along the river were amazing. But on my winter hike list was the stone tunnel at Steep Rock and wow! My first “spelunking” experience! Yes that’s my new word . . . Referring to the exploration of caves. The hike to the tunnel I estimate to beContinue reading “CT: Litchfield County- Washington-Steep Rock Preserve (Winter hike)”

CT: Fairfield County-Greenwich- Mianus River Park (Winter Hike)

Over the hill and through the woods is the tune you might hear hiking through Mianus River Park. The trail was extremely well marked to include trail maps, signs and trail markers. If your considering a dog, going on a hike is a great way to interact with the different types. Today, I met 4Continue reading “CT: Fairfield County-Greenwich- Mianus River Park (Winter Hike)”