CT: Madison: Hammonasset State Park

Enjoyed a wonderfully tranquil walk beach side. For several years I have gone to the Meig’s point area of Hammonasset in hopes to see a glimpse of the winter seals that are said to come near the shore. Fortunately I came upon a woman with binoculars to improve my view. The picture is at aContinue reading “CT: Madison: Hammonasset State Park”

CT: Fairfield- Westport/Southport Coastal Ride

I cried happy tears through almost this entire ride as I met people, had new experiences and felt things I never have before – even though the route is quite familiar. An egret was most welcoming at the entrance of Burying Hill Beach and posed as I tried to get out of the way ofContinue reading “CT: Fairfield- Westport/Southport Coastal Ride”

CT: Darien- Pear Tree Point Beach

After a pause on the gym for a while, a Lady Gaga class special got me out and cycling again! Fortunately on a beautiful clear night the class ended just in time to head to the beach! Post Labor Day is when the resident limitations of some of the local beaches are lifted. This isContinue reading “CT: Darien- Pear Tree Point Beach”

CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)

Stayed up for a golden sun down at Silver Sands. . . . . . and a lovely moonlit return. Recognize that while you can see the sunrise directly here in the morning, sunset is indirect here but provides you with a beautiful sky most especially with wispy clouds around. I parked at Walnut BeachContinue reading “CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)”

CT: Westport- Compo Beach

Now that it’s beyond May 1st, parking for Compo Beach necessitate a residents sticker. Fortunately you can still walk or bike in. It was a perfect evening for the effort. I enjoyed watching the sun cast it’s shadows and reflections within the perfect trees lining the shore. The pictures tell the story of the eveningContinue reading “CT: Westport- Compo Beach”

CT: Darien: Pear Tree Point (Sunset)

Only a few more weeks until I can no longer access many of my favorite coastline beaches. But tonight my favorite veggie crunch salad was on sale so I grabbed a bunch and head to see the sunset. As I opened my car door, the wind pushed it back towards me. I realized my viewContinue reading “CT: Darien: Pear Tree Point (Sunset)”

CT- Fairfield County- Westport- Compo Beach

I usually chase sunsets, rainbows and colorful scenes. I changed it up and chased the storm. It was cool to watch the clouds overcome the moon and the clear skies. The rain chased me from capturing the angry waves, birds skirting the white caps and the leaves forming mini tornadoes. There was a surprising numberContinue reading “CT- Fairfield County- Westport- Compo Beach”

CT: Fairfield County- Sasco Hill Beach (Sunset)

An exceptional weather day for mid October in Connecticut at 79 degrees! The sunset was stunning through a lengthy and beautiful afterglow finish. My favorite venues are those with objects to use together with the sun’s set. Tonight I had a paddler and families. I had trees and the lifeguard stand. Sasco beach in FairfieldContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Sasco Hill Beach (Sunset)”

CT: New Haven County- New Haven- Lighthouse Point

The sky was clear and blue with the temperatures comfortable. Definitely sunset weather. Overlook or beach . . . I decided to try lighthouse park since there are so many structures to play with light and colors. Trees, plants, pavilion and an iron tower each provided that opportunity. I placed the lens ball on theContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- New Haven- Lighthouse Point”

CT: Fairfield County- Fairfield to Bridgeport (Biking)

A beautiful just into Fall day in the mid 70s while still awaiting the fall colors, a bike ride along the now available beaches was a good way to go. I started at Jennings Beach in Fairfield (880 S Benson Road). Once it gets past Labor Day you can park in the lot. I sawContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Fairfield to Bridgeport (Biking)”