CT: New Haven County- Castle Craig Moon & Friendship Rising

Once a month Hubbard Park keeps the road open to drive up to Castle Craig in the evening for the full moon rising. It was a clear and warm ish Fall Day so while it’s an hour and a half drive I thought I might give myself a nudge and drive on up! I definitelyContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Castle Craig Moon & Friendship Rising”

CT: Darien- Pear Tree Point Beach

After a pause on the gym for a while, a Lady Gaga class special got me out and cycling again! Fortunately on a beautiful clear night the class ended just in time to head to the beach! Post Labor Day is when the resident limitations of some of the local beaches are lifted. This isContinue reading “CT: Darien- Pear Tree Point Beach”

CT: Darien: Pear Tree Point (Sunset)

Only a few more weeks until I can no longer access many of my favorite coastline beaches. But tonight my favorite veggie crunch salad was on sale so I grabbed a bunch and head to see the sunset. As I opened my car door, the wind pushed it back towards me. I realized my viewContinue reading “CT: Darien: Pear Tree Point (Sunset)”

CT: Fairfield County- Fairfield-Sasco Hill (Winter Sunset)

The wreath otherwise reminded us of December at almost 60 degrees as the sun was setting on the beach. I was surprised by the number of kids driving up to see the sun set all with their cell phones capturing the changing skies. I noticed the difference in the shoreline with several people and birdsContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Fairfield-Sasco Hill (Winter Sunset)”

CT: New Haven County- Meriden- Castle Craig

A 72 degree day in late October in CT and the full harvest moon is to rise on a clear night at a reasonable time. There’s so much to be done – work, cooking, cleaning and a list of to dos. But the town of Meriden was keeping the access road open to the CastleContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Meriden- Castle Craig”

CT: Fairfield County- Sasco Hill Beach (Sunset)

An exceptional weather day for mid October in Connecticut at 79 degrees! The sunset was stunning through a lengthy and beautiful afterglow finish. My favorite venues are those with objects to use together with the sun’s set. Tonight I had a paddler and families. I had trees and the lifeguard stand. Sasco beach in FairfieldContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Sasco Hill Beach (Sunset)”

CT: New Haven County- New Haven- Lighthouse Point

The sky was clear and blue with the temperatures comfortable. Definitely sunset weather. Overlook or beach . . . I decided to try lighthouse park since there are so many structures to play with light and colors. Trees, plants, pavilion and an iron tower each provided that opportunity. I placed the lens ball on theContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- New Haven- Lighthouse Point”

CT: New Haven County- Milford – Gulf Beach (sunset)

I am sucker for a good sunset. Gulf Beach in Milford is a resident only parking beach but in the Fall the sunsets a bit earlier and parking is open. A year ago today, before this blog, is when I went. A reminder of the pandemic times on display to keep everyone safe at entry.Continue reading “CT: New Haven County- Milford – Gulf Beach (sunset)”