CT: New Haven County- Castle Craig Moon & Friendship Rising

Once a month Hubbard Park keeps the road open to drive up to Castle Craig in the evening for the full moon rising. It was a clear and warm ish Fall Day so while it’s an hour and a half drive I thought I might give myself a nudge and drive on up! I definitelyContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- Castle Craig Moon & Friendship Rising”

CT: Trumbull Twin Brooks Parks (Daffodils)

As I continued my quest to find bunches of daffodils I was reminded of Twin Brooks Park in Trumbull. Now I grant you, if you don’t live here it’s a bit of a challenge to know of these daffodils as you can only park with a resident sticker. But you can walk or bike inContinue reading “CT: Trumbull Twin Brooks Parks (Daffodils)”

NY: Katonah: Lasdon Park

Happiness is . . . chasing cherry blossoms, magnolias and other flowers as they spring up over night. I had last snow shoed at Lasdon Park but with its focus on horticulture I decided to see what may be blossoming. How awesome it was to reach the top of a hill and look down uponContinue reading “NY: Katonah: Lasdon Park”