NY: Tarrytown: Farmer and the Fish

Time simply unexpectedly unfolded in our best interest. Sunset was at 7PM and the traffic was horrific. Stopped. We reached our chosen restaurant – small without reservations on the water on the perfect evening. The valet reached for the car door and I was convinced we wouldn’t be staying I shared. Table 11 on theContinue reading “NY: Tarrytown: Farmer and the Fish”

NY: Katonah: Caramoor (American Roots Festival)

I’ve written of the beautiful Caramoor property before but their improvements and schedule enhancements bring it from a nice stop to a MUST stop. It has a great summer season of music to include a couple of music festivals. My favorite is the American Roots Festival which offers several artists performing throughout the property leadingContinue reading “NY: Katonah: Caramoor (American Roots Festival)”

NY: Katonah: Muscoot Farm

My healing injury has offered me the opportunity to find local easier outdoor offerings to enjoy. Fun to see all the smiling families on a hayride around the farm. I was hanging around watching with the cow as he showed off the strength of his tongue. Did you know that since a cow has aContinue reading “NY: Katonah: Muscoot Farm”

NY: Katonah: Lasdon Park

Happiness is . . . chasing cherry blossoms, magnolias and other flowers as they spring up over night. I had last snow shoed at Lasdon Park but with its focus on horticulture I decided to see what may be blossoming. How awesome it was to reach the top of a hill and look down uponContinue reading “NY: Katonah: Lasdon Park”

NY- Westchester- Katonah- Caramoor

Caramoor Center of Music & Art is delightful and a bit like a fairytale as you walk through the various destinations with sound soothing elements. There are various paths which have different offerings for each of your senses. The forests chime and the paths lightly rustle. The sunken garden offers a grass stage on whichContinue reading “NY- Westchester- Katonah- Caramoor”

NY: Westchester County- Peekskill-9/11 Memorial

One of my inspirations for my outdoor adventures is pausing at a site of a 9/11 memorial (original link for my inspiration at bottom). I find the memorials especially poignant this year, 2021, which is the 20th anniversary of the tragedy. I find each memorial has a uniqueness and they each are in a specialContinue reading “NY: Westchester County- Peekskill-9/11 Memorial”

NY: Westchester County- Untermeyer Gardens (Holiday Ticketed Event)

The moon rising under the Illuminations of the walled garden at Untermeyer with musical accompaniment from various disciplines made for a truly enchanted evening stroll. You will likely feel enlightened within the 20 minutes allotted in this free ticketed and timed event. I was fortunate enough to go on a clear night with just enoughContinue reading “NY: Westchester County- Untermeyer Gardens (Holiday Ticketed Event)”

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NY: Westchester County-Pound Ridge-Zofnass Family Preserve

Buddha Bridge, a Tarzan vine, a waterfall staircase and a double breed maple growing out of a rock are only some of the sights to see at the largest preserve of the Westchester Land Trust. With wetlands, rocky paths, well marked trails and fun facts the secret is out. This is likely the most funContinue reading “NY: Westchester County-Pound Ridge-Zofnass Family Preserve”

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NY: Westchester County- Katonah- Lasdon Park (Winter)

An under rated four season park with lovely child friendly events. I posted about Lasdon park in the Fall where I also referenced summer and spring events. Recalling its many paths and one specifically to a Chinese Pagoda I was the first to break the trail during this last snow fall. While many of theContinue reading “NY: Westchester County- Katonah- Lasdon Park (Winter)”

NY: Westchester County-Katonah- Lasdon Park

If you’re looking for a low key walk in the park alone or with kids, Lasdon Park offers different paved areas to include explanations of the surrounding trees and plantings as well as interactive areas for the kids. Lasdon park is a former estate of a philanthropist that enjoyed birds and nature. The property wasContinue reading “NY: Westchester County-Katonah- Lasdon Park”