NY: New Paltz: Mohonk Mountain House Mystery Weekend

Hands down Mohonk Mountain house provides an escape from the real world. It’s several miles away from civilization upon a mountain – just enough distance. Happily snowbound for the mystery and puzzle weekend, we all remained immersed in the 1920s during prohibition to uncover the clues to solve the case of who murdered Lulu! TheContinue reading “NY: New Paltz: Mohonk Mountain House Mystery Weekend”

NYC: NY Botanical Garden – Orchid Show

What’s great about returning to a recurring event is it gives you the opportunity to see the lesser obvious parts of the attractions. While we took in the bigger draws of this years orchid show – and they were stunning – I was intrigued by the patterned greenery as well as the cactus “snakes.” TheyContinue reading “NYC: NY Botanical Garden – Orchid Show”

New Canaan- Waveny Park

A dozen times before I’ve walked at Waveny Park yet on this day I stumbled upon its beautiful sunken garden. Perhaps things do happen for a reason. I needed a surprise transforming moment. I am grateful to have grown enough to recognize how appropriate the timing. I genuinely smiled as my friend and I openedContinue reading “New Canaan- Waveny Park”

CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)

Stayed up for a golden sun down at Silver Sands. . . . . . and a lovely moonlit return. Recognize that while you can see the sunrise directly here in the morning, sunset is indirect here but provides you with a beautiful sky most especially with wispy clouds around. I parked at Walnut BeachContinue reading “CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)”

NY: Katonah: Caramoor (American Roots Festival)

I’ve written of the beautiful Caramoor property before but their improvements and schedule enhancements bring it from a nice stop to a MUST stop. It has a great summer season of music to include a couple of music festivals. My favorite is the American Roots Festival which offers several artists performing throughout the property leadingContinue reading “NY: Katonah: Caramoor (American Roots Festival)”

NY: Katonah: Muscoot Farm

My healing injury has offered me the opportunity to find local easier outdoor offerings to enjoy. Fun to see all the smiling families on a hayride around the farm. I was hanging around watching with the cow as he showed off the strength of his tongue. Did you know that since a cow has aContinue reading “NY: Katonah: Muscoot Farm”

CT: New Canaan: Grace Farms

We were treated to the Eastern approach of the respect given to drinking tea and had a wonderful meditative stroll around the property uncovering baby birds, bunnies and butterflies. The architecture, while famous, is a catalyst to understanding the mission of Grace Farms. Enter the pavilion as a transition to start your journey letting goContinue reading “CT: New Canaan: Grace Farms”

CT: New Haven County- Farmington Canal Greenway (Biking)

A great bike ride with “eats.” Start off at the lot by the entrance of the York Hill Campus of Quinnipiac University in Hamden. Ride a mostly flat five miles into New Haven passing the elegant architecture of the Yale campus along the way. While I chose to stop and get a great poke bowl,Continue reading “CT: New Haven County- Farmington Canal Greenway (Biking)”

CT: Trumbull Twin Brooks Parks (Daffodils)

As I continued my quest to find bunches of daffodils I was reminded of Twin Brooks Park in Trumbull. Now I grant you, if you don’t live here it’s a bit of a challenge to know of these daffodils as you can only park with a resident sticker. But you can walk or bike inContinue reading “CT: Trumbull Twin Brooks Parks (Daffodils)”

NY: Millbrook- Innisfree Garden- Daffodil Viewing

The soft opening of the 2022 season starts with a daffodil viewing. It’s not only about the daffodils. It’s about the rolling hills, the misty waters, the chatty geese and the biggest snapping turtle. While the pictures don’t do this place justice, I’m so grateful for having taken them to recall each magical moment soContinue reading “NY: Millbrook- Innisfree Garden- Daffodil Viewing”