CT: New Canaan: Grace Farms

We were treated to the Eastern approach of the respect given to drinking tea and had a wonderful meditative stroll around the property uncovering baby birds, bunnies and butterflies. The architecture, while famous, is a catalyst to understanding the mission of Grace Farms. Enter the pavilion as a transition to start your journey letting goContinue reading “CT: New Canaan: Grace Farms”

Inspiration: Finding Beauty in a World that’s Upside-down

In relation to this blog and all the places I go, I was asked, “where do you get the energy?” I thought about how to answer that question succinctly as sometimes I wonder what pushes me to go out almost everyday and find something new to see. The answer is simple yet broad. In short,Continue reading “Inspiration: Finding Beauty in a World that’s Upside-down”

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