NYC: NY Botanical Garden – Orchid Show

What’s great about returning to a recurring event is it gives you the opportunity to see the lesser obvious parts of the attractions. While we took in the bigger draws of this years orchid show – and they were stunning – I was intrigued by the patterned greenery as well as the cactus “snakes.” TheyContinue reading “NYC: NY Botanical Garden – Orchid Show”

NY: New York Botanical Garden (Spring)

No better place to celebrate Earth day then at Daffodil Hill at the NYBG! The garden’s website will advise you of what is in bloom so you can determine the right time to go. The dedication of the team there is clear. The gardens are just immaculate. Bring a picnic lunch is my tip. GrabContinue reading “NY: New York Botanical Garden (Spring)”

NY: Bronx: NY Botanical Garden- Orchid Show

I was born in NYC. The hustle, the bustle, Broadway shows, the subway, the late nights, the early mornings and yet it took me all this time to just STOP and smell the orchids! Fortunately rain or shine, cold or hot, you enter the conservatory and enter a rainforest manicured to perfection. This years kaleidoscopeContinue reading “NY: Bronx: NY Botanical Garden- Orchid Show”

NY: Bronx- New York Botanical Garden- Kusama Exhibit

I have chased this exhibit for a few years in different towns each time something getting in my way. Finally I had the opportunity and for those that enjoy immersing themselves in whimsical fairytales then go! Below is the link to the exhibit through October 2021 at the New York Botanical Garden. Tickets were $35Continue reading “NY: Bronx- New York Botanical Garden- Kusama Exhibit”