CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)

Stayed up for a golden sun down at Silver Sands. . . . . . and a lovely moonlit return. Recognize that while you can see the sunrise directly here in the morning, sunset is indirect here but provides you with a beautiful sky most especially with wispy clouds around. I parked at Walnut BeachContinue reading “CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)”

Inspiration- Morning Moon

I have so much to learn about the universe – both literally and figuratively. Finding a piece of the moon just beyond reach of my favorite magnolia raised my curiosity to learn more. I don’t recall ever seeing it there. A moment later the sun took center stage highlighting the forest with a range ofContinue reading “Inspiration- Morning Moon”

Inspiration: Transitions

I usually select one sunrise picture to share but today I thought about the beauty in its transition. Notice how the second shot is not as vibrant as the first or third although they were taken in sequence. It reminded me of how much I learn from both life’s ups and downs. To look atContinue reading “Inspiration: Transitions”

Inspiration- Gratitude Journaling

At my stage in life there are great benefits and epiphanies I wish I could share with my younger self. The value of allowing yourself to pause but for a minute and see, appreciate and remember a lovely scene. The benefits go so far beyond the obvious and yet so hard to describe. My choosingContinue reading “Inspiration- Gratitude Journaling”

ME: Cape Porpoise- Goat Island Lighthouse (Sunrise)

On this cold December morning I had not expected the lot to be full to see the sunrise near Goat Island. Yet the cars overflowed by fisherman who rowed dinghies to their lobster boats. So much more activity than I anticipated. I also met another photographer who shared other opportunities for fun angles of theContinue reading “ME: Cape Porpoise- Goat Island Lighthouse (Sunrise)”

CT: Fairfield County-Cove Island Park (Sunrise)

A great thing about the Fall is sunrise occurs at a more manageable hour for me. But . . . I live about 1/2 hour from the shore. I have my first meeting at 8am I’m not quite sure if the sun will appear through the morning clouds. But . . . The clouds mayContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County-Cove Island Park (Sunrise)”

NY: Catskills- Tannersville- Mountaintop Arboretum

I’m an early riser and wondered what to do before my scheduled breakfast. I had missed the origin of the days sunrise so decided to explore this public garden. From the moment I saw the sun peeking over the trees and the inviting pergola and pond I knew I made the right decision. At overContinue reading “NY: Catskills- Tannersville- Mountaintop Arboretum”

FL: Broward County- Deerfield Beach

I found Deerfield Beach to be a wonderful location for sunrise and a coffee on the beach. I was fortunate enough to land a table the night before on the patio overlooking the beach at Oceans 234. Based on the anticipated location of the sun we knew this location would offer both a clear viewContinue reading “FL: Broward County- Deerfield Beach”

Inspiration: Rejuvenation

My work day starts early. I’ve learned to schedule a 10 minute work break at the time of the morning sunrise. It’s different every day in so many ways: The time it rises; The placement of the sun; The colors of the sky; The reflections of the light; the shapes of the clouds. It rejuvenatesContinue reading “Inspiration: Rejuvenation”