CT: Fairfield County-Darien-Pear Tree Point Beach (off -season sunset)

In my continued quest for off season drive up sunsets (i.e., places in season for residents only), brought me to 8 acre Pear Tree Point Beach in Darien on this November evening. As I approached the beach I already felt like I was on a European vacation. I knew the feeling would only be forContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County-Darien-Pear Tree Point Beach (off -season sunset)”

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CT: New Haven County-Milford- Silver Sands

Silver Sands is golden! I love to travel the shoreline and Silver Sands is one of the best with 3/4 mile of all weather boardwalk skirting the sound and the Marsh. The other unique aspect of Silver Sands is Charles Island seen below which is a bird sanctuary which you can reach at low tideContinue reading “CT: New Haven County-Milford- Silver Sands”

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Inspiration: First Flight

The birds were waiting lining up in a row The sun’s ascent to cast a rich glow. One by one they then each took flight Returning to tell of the beautiful sight. Captured at Silver Sands, Milford, CT, November 14, 2020 TIP: Park at Walnut Beach and walk to silver sands for sunrise. Dress warmContinue reading “Inspiration: First Flight”

CT: Fairfield County-Southport- Southport Beach

Secret Sunrise! After the beach season ends the doors open to so many wonderful sights otherwise restricted to town residents. Although small, Southport beach is a cove right off the road making it quite easy for a stop whether driving or biking. Please note that while there aren’t many parking spots, my suggestion is toContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County-Southport- Southport Beach”

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CT: Fairfield County-Stratford-Lordship Seawall

It’s about finding calm in the chaos. For me that calm can be found in appreciating the colors of the sunset. Along the Connecticut shoreline there are only so many places that face west to get the direct view. One of those places is Lordship Seawall in Stratford. I shared in a recent blog myContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County-Stratford-Lordship Seawall”

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CT: Fairfield County- Westport-Compo Beach

Shhh . . . want to know a secret? Many of the beautiful shore beaches that are otherwise expensive to access for a non-resident is available to non-residents off season. What fun is that off-season? Wait, did you really think that? Let me show you. . . Activities: Beach, Walk, Bike, Sunset, Picnic Compo BeachContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Westport-Compo Beach”

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