CT: Southbury: Kettletown Park (Hiking)

I researched for an easy, short but scenic trail due to an injury preventing me from strenuous athletics. So on a perfect June day with no humidity and 70 degrees, I found Brook Trail. Kettletown Park is a CT State park free to CT residents in Southbury. The brook had so much character throughout withContinue reading “CT: Southbury: Kettletown Park (Hiking)”

NY: Catskills- Peekamoose Bluehole

For a couple of years I read about a small swimming hole with a blue glow within the NY Catskill preserve. It would get so busy that now it requires reservations and is manned to ensure it’s kept clean. I met a really nice 25 year old ranger named Eli who checked us in. HeContinue reading “NY: Catskills- Peekamoose Bluehole”

CT: Middlesex County- Comstock Bridge

Gates to Heaven . . . Or so it appeared to me. This bridge was originally built in 1785. It’s one of three covered bridges that remain in Connecticut. Located in East Hampton, this one is my favorite. Beneath the bridge I swear Salmon River was smiling at the heavenly thought. Stopped at nearby CatoContinue reading “CT: Middlesex County- Comstock Bridge”

CT: Fairfield County- Stamford Museum & Nature Center (Winter)

Heartwarming on a cold winters day was a visit to Stamford Museum and Nature Center. I enjoy the work of Jacque Pepin both as a cook and artist. Cool to see as part of the exhibit are drawings Pepin drew from the nature center itself as well as a brief video of his words ofContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Stamford Museum & Nature Center (Winter)”

CT: Litchfield County- Winter Wonderland Tour

With the first snow of the year I wondered where I could go for the biggest bang for my buck! Litchfield County it was! A great and manageable day with multiple stops and awesome views! This spot was one I stumbled upon when kayaking. At the time I thought it was a hidden enclave withContinue reading “CT: Litchfield County- Winter Wonderland Tour”

CT: New Haven County- West Rock Ridge State Park

I love a loop. Went left to the Judges Cave side of the park. Blue trail, to teal/white and back on red. I found kids climbing around and through Judges Cave in which judges were hidden after issuing the King a death warrant in 1649 (pictured below upper right). This named Regicides (the act ofContinue reading “CT: New Haven County- West Rock Ridge State Park”

CT: Litchfield County- Washington- Steep Rock Preserve

The wind blew the leaves from the towering trees to line the paths to the steep rock tunnel. A Facebook reader shared the following in relation to the above photo – “This looks like a frame in a fairytale where bunnies -birds- little mice all run around and play together 💜” loved that sentiment 🙂Continue reading “CT: Litchfield County- Washington- Steep Rock Preserve”

NY: Catskills Region- Huckleberry Point

A moderate hike with a surprise series of waterfalls! The distance was manageable at 5 total miles out and back to the point with clear markers along the way. Start on blue for about a mile and then switch to the yellow at a hard right until you could go no further. As you startContinue reading “NY: Catskills Region- Huckleberry Point”

NY: Hudson Valley-Poughkeepsie- Walkway Loop

The Walkway loop trail is approximately a 4 mile loop around the Walkway over the Hudson and the Mid-Hudson bridge. Each turn offers you a majestic view of the landscape. From the Walkway you see the Mid-Hudson bridge with the church in the foreground. On the other side is the view of the mountains withContinue reading “NY: Hudson Valley-Poughkeepsie- Walkway Loop”

CT- Litchfield County-New Milford- Harrybrooke Park

I have enjoyed kayaking from Lovers Leap through the waters into Harrybrooke park and finally made it into the park on foot. It was welcoming from the point of entry as it sought to create a dedicated mile for a peaceful walk for its residents. The park offers dedicated pavilions for events as well asContinue reading “CT- Litchfield County-New Milford- Harrybrooke Park”