CT: Litchfield County- Laurel Ridge Daffodils

I first learned of this farm last year during the height of covid. Finding outdoor opportunities such as this is one of the small upsides of the pandemic. Laurel Ridge not only has fields and fields of daffodils but also a daffodil island right beyond your reach. A great choice for portrait photography. And anotherContinue reading “CT: Litchfield County- Laurel Ridge Daffodils”

CT: Litchfield County- Winter Wonderland Tour

With the first snow of the year I wondered where I could go for the biggest bang for my buck! Litchfield County it was! A great and manageable day with multiple stops and awesome views! This spot was one I stumbled upon when kayaking. At the time I thought it was a hidden enclave withContinue reading “CT: Litchfield County- Winter Wonderland Tour”

CT: Litchfield County- Washington- Steep Rock Preserve

The wind blew the leaves from the towering trees to line the paths to the steep rock tunnel. A Facebook reader shared the following in relation to the above photo – “This looks like a frame in a fairytale where bunnies -birds- little mice all run around and play together 💜” loved that sentiment 🙂Continue reading “CT: Litchfield County- Washington- Steep Rock Preserve”

CT- Litchfield County- Barkhamsted Reservoir

No wizard answered but magic seems to surround the Barkhamsted reservoir. Each time I visit the Saville Dam I’m drawn to its fantasy setting. The surrounding forest and sky appear to intentionally provide a complementary backdrop to the small castle at the center. On this day the sky and water appeared to create an illusionContinue reading “CT- Litchfield County- Barkhamsted Reservoir”

CT- Litchfield County-New Milford- Harrybrooke Park

I have enjoyed kayaking from Lovers Leap through the waters into Harrybrooke park and finally made it into the park on foot. It was welcoming from the point of entry as it sought to create a dedicated mile for a peaceful walk for its residents. The park offers dedicated pavilions for events as well asContinue reading “CT- Litchfield County-New Milford- Harrybrooke Park”

CT: Litchfield County-New Milford-Lovers Leap

Every place you go can turn into its own fairytale if you allow yourself to be taken in by the folklore and step into the tale. Lover’s Leap is one of those places which I feel even closer to my friend professed her love to her husband with a lock on the bridge. Not farContinue reading “CT: Litchfield County-New Milford-Lovers Leap”

CT: Litchfield- White Memorial- Bantam River (Kayaking)

I started kayaking in 2020 during the COVID pandemic. Bantam River was one of the first places I paddled. I park at Whites Wood Road to put in. Normally I go left into Bantam Lake. Reason being that on the right there’s a beaver dam that I could never get over. With a lot ofContinue reading “CT: Litchfield- White Memorial- Bantam River (Kayaking)”

CT- Litchfield County- Mount Tom State Park

Have only a quick minute? Is it a clear day? The hike up tower trail is only a 1.3 mile loop to a cool tower with steep stairs and a 360 view. An effort was made to clear trees to improve this view which I’m told is a must in the Fall! The route downContinue reading “CT- Litchfield County- Mount Tom State Park”

CT: Litchfield County- Salisbury- Lion’s Head (Hiking)

Lions King Revisited looking over the valley and apparently a portal to the beyond and the hike to get there. There’s a small dirt parking lot near the end of Bunker Hill road to start your walk. It starts out flat through a meadow with wildflowers about. I was surprised to find grapes as well.Continue reading “CT: Litchfield County- Salisbury- Lion’s Head (Hiking)”

CT: Litchfield County- Barkhamsted (Summer Kayaking)

Awesome paddle and bike adventure on Farmington River. Since the river is long and diverse, it’s important to do some research for your skill level both in relation to the current and how far you would like to go. My jaunt was relatively flat with a few little areas of navigation. We started in RivertonContinue reading “CT: Litchfield County- Barkhamsted (Summer Kayaking)”