CT: Hartford County- Ragged Mountain (Fall)

Mind, body and spirit can all be improved with a fulfilling walk in nature. Having previously been on an exciting moon hike at Ragged Mountain I decided to try a Fall walk on what turned out to be a perfect 70s weather day in October. I paused to recognize the efforts of the many volunteersContinue reading “CT: Hartford County- Ragged Mountain (Fall)”

CT: Farmington River Trail (Spring Biking)

A great first spring bike ride is the Farmington River Trail. Seems I rode the same trail just a month prior a year ago where I explained the ride (see below link) https://btographytravels.com/2021/03/24/ct-hartford-farmington-river-trail-biking/ So this year I didn’t take as many shots as I got a flat. But it didn’t stop me from noticing theContinue reading “CT: Farmington River Trail (Spring Biking)”

CT: Hartford County- Blackledge Falls (Winter)

I stood in the center of Blackledge Falls in Glastonbury, CT which was literally frozen in time. I included myself in the shot for scale. It’s Connecticut’s natural ice castles and is truly amazing to see. About 1/2 mile hike from the lot but it is a steep decline to the falls so must wearContinue reading “CT: Hartford County- Blackledge Falls (Winter)”

CT: Hartford County- Southington- Cava Restaurant

Cava in Southington is definitely worth a special family night or date night. They offer elaborately dressed and themed rooms in which to dine from their Italian menu. The food was very well prepared. You are paying a bit of a premium but they have clearly gone to an effort to entertain you in addition.Continue reading “CT: Hartford County- Southington- Cava Restaurant”

CT: Hartford County- Berlin- Ragged Mountain (Hiking)

Not many of my friends and family have a similar love as I for hiking and kayaking in new places with a degree of frequency. One thing I have learned is to not let that stop me from doing something I enjoy. I still love my family and friends but it’s ok to pursue yourContinue reading “CT: Hartford County- Berlin- Ragged Mountain (Hiking)”

CT: Hartford County- Granby Open Farms Day

On September 18, 2021 there was an open Farms day in Granby which fostered a day of patronizing the local growers of the area. They had a detailed map and calendar of the day events and while it was my first time, my understanding is that this is an annual event. Nice environment with decentContinue reading “CT: Hartford County- Granby Open Farms Day”

CT: Hartford County- Granby- Ender Falls (Summer’s End)

A place where wishes may just come true. My any season choice visit to a series of waterfalls is this one. Set inside Ender State Forest in Granby, CT is this magical walk beside a series of waterfalls. Each visit has offered me a magical experience when I allow myself to immerse into my surroundings.Continue reading “CT: Hartford County- Granby- Ender Falls (Summer’s End)”

CT: Hartford County-Manchester to Andover (Biking)

This ride is part of the East Coast Greenway which stretches from Key West to Canada! This portion of my ride began at Charter Oak Park in Manchester which is referred to as the Charter Oak Greenway. The Charter Oak Greenway offered a paved path with numerous picturesque bridges along a slivering river. Soon intoContinue reading “CT: Hartford County-Manchester to Andover (Biking)”

CT: Hartford County-Manchester- Wyllys Falls

Down the road from the grandiose Case Mountain Falls, a bit off the beaten path, is another set of falls worth finding. While the parking lot was full at Case Mountain, I decided to try and find Wyllys Falls down the road. An intentional but unmarked path can be found beside a guard rail. GoContinue reading “CT: Hartford County-Manchester- Wyllys Falls”