CT: Hartford Convention Center Event- Van Gogh!

In Hartford I went to the Van Gogh exhibit which was entertaining but best combined with other events for your day. I found the event educational, I enjoyed being in the immersion room. I did feel it needed more seating options given how long you were in there and perhaps some means of encouragement toContinue reading “CT: Hartford Convention Center Event- Van Gogh!”

CT: Norwalk: Norwalk Aquarium

A perfect respite for a hot and humid day. I took the kids when they were young and decided to check out what’s new since. I enjoyed learning about the seals, walking as the butterflies flew all around, waving back at the turtle and watching the kids pet the stingrays! I was honestly thinking ofContinue reading “CT: Norwalk: Norwalk Aquarium”

CT: Bridgeport- Colorblends House and Spring Garden

I was drawn by the Spring garden but the museum was just as colorful. Definitely one of the spots where you can’t help but smile and those around you equally enjoying the flowers. Hard to capture was the surprise contrasting colors which appeared within each bloom. Peaking within each room the vibrant outside colors comeContinue reading “CT: Bridgeport- Colorblends House and Spring Garden”

CT: New Haven: Yale Art Gallery

An afternoon in the museum to include Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, Trumbull amongst my favorites but so much more. I spent a great deal of time in front of this mural with all the hidden imagery. Turn around and step outside to the sculptures overlooking New Haven. Even the views out the windows were breathtaking.Continue reading “CT: New Haven: Yale Art Gallery”