CT: Fairfield County-Norwalk- Calf Pasture (Winter Solstice)

“Move to the left,” I screamed out to the ducks who were hanging out by the shore.

Tonight is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, and also the evening when it’s said that we can view the planets Jupiter and Saturn to form the star of Bethlehem. Well that’s quite a good reason to go to the shore for sunset.

I was somewhat surprised to find a full lot of cars lined up I assume to see the sunset and potentially the star of Bethlehem to shortly follow.

There was a mother and son feeding the birds sending them soaring around the falling sun.

While there was still deep snow around, there were several fisherman fishing off the rocks and the dock. It was a funny sky. On one side were these heavy clouds as the sun set and the other side appeared quite clear. I was hopeful to see the Bethlehem star.

One thing I have come to better appreciate is the beauty of the barren trees. I love how I can see their true shape without the leaves and the colors of the sky beyond them. I’m drawn to photographing them. As I approached my favorite I found it was called a “Tree of Heaven.” This is actually a breed of tree that was brought over from China in the 1700s. It’s often used in urban settings based on its hardiness and takes in unique shades of bark in the winter.

Tree of Heaven

I walked the dock and while it was quite cloudy the sunset colors were beautiful reflecting against the clouds and the water. I saw all the ducks crowding the shore. I wanted them to be more centered under the sun so I screamed “ok all the ducks move to the left!” How I loved the moment when they did with on lookers laughing and smiling. I quickly snapped the shots. I can’t tell you how that made my night.

Move to the left!

I didn’t wind up seeing the star of Bethlehem as it was otherwise too cloudy, but I found the Tree of Heaven and some new dancing partners in the ducks. This is my respite. Join me!

Published by Belinda Sheets

This is a non-promotional blog. I am not a photographer nor am I selling anything through this blog. Professionally I am a Business Transformation Specialist focused on gaining efficiencies and reducing costs for major corporations. Recent life experiences made me better appreciate the present and all that can be seen by increasing my focus and attention on my surroundings. I always enjoyed going out and exercising and I would look but I did not see as my attention was on resolving some problem. Captured through pictures and sharing insights about various locations, I hope others can enjoy my research and insights and allow themselves to pause a few moments and truly appreciate and learn new things. When you follow me that is my only gift. To know I have touched you enough to want to follow the blog. Respectfully (Stay Safe), Belinda Sheets Business Transformation professional with interests in photography, hiking, bicycling and kayaking and learning how to be present.

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