CT: Hartford County- Ragged Mountain (Fall)

Mind, body and spirit can all be improved with a fulfilling walk in nature. Having previously been on an exciting moon hike at Ragged Mountain I decided to try a Fall walk on what turned out to be a perfect 70s weather day in October.

I paused to recognize the efforts of the many volunteers who maintain the trail markers and clear the fallen trees to allow us to proceed. The stand out though of this moderate hike are the frequent overlooks!

I chose the blue/orange trail to blue than back to blue/orange which provided a 4.5 mile loop back to the lot at 437 West Lane in Berlin, CT.

The fall colors were just starting to pop around each corner. Years before I wouldn’t have appreciated how dramatic the changing colors of a single tree can appear on the back drop of a clear blue sky.

I now offer myself the time to pause at each overlook and reflect on what it uniquely offers – a cracked rock, a piece of the Ragged Mountain, a recently manicured landscape, a mansion on a hill and a church steeple peeking above the tree line, to name a few.

Definitely worth the jaunt no matter the season.

CT: Hartford Convention Center Event- Van Gogh!

In Hartford I went to the Van Gogh exhibit which was entertaining but best combined with other events for your day.

I found the event educational, I enjoyed being in the immersion room. I did feel it needed more seating options given how long you were in there and perhaps some means of encouragement to walk around the room.

Bean bag chairs may have been a fun add! I am curious to know if the other sites do it any differently! Mmmm . . .

Bottom line worthy of a post to consider. Best was lunch at the Delamar in West Hartford nearby. Now that I’d highly recommend!

Also made a stop at Elizabeth Park. While the roses are mostly gone it was still a nice walk after the museum

NY: Tarrytown: Farmer and the Fish

Time simply unexpectedly unfolded in our best interest. Sunset was at 7PM and the traffic was horrific. Stopped.

We reached our chosen restaurant – small without reservations on the water on the perfect evening. The valet reached for the car door and I was convinced we wouldn’t be staying I shared.

Table 11 on the water was free and was ready for us! I admit I have a picture problem – I take many and often in all angles! But after a glass of a lovely Pouilly Fuisse the shutter kept snapping :).

The food was delicious – albeit the vegetable side I cancelled since it did not come with the meal- who wants brussel sprouts for dessert.

There are so many reasons I almost didn’t make the trip but I’m so glad I did. Just say yes. Make every day memorable.

A la prochaine cousin Lucienne. Xoxo 😘

CT: Darien- Pear Tree Point Beach

After a pause on the gym for a while, a Lady Gaga class special got me out and cycling again! Fortunately on a beautiful clear night the class ended just in time to head to the beach!

Post Labor Day is when the resident limitations of some of the local beaches are lifted.

This is certainly one of the quieter beaches but tonight I bumped into a group of kids having fun with their friend from Hawaii. I loved offering to take their group picture with my real camera.

They were so super excited and in turn so was I. A beautiful unexpected evening on the beach after a day filled with quarterly tax deadlines, executive presentations and medical follow ups. Make each day memorable. Mahalo.

Pear Tree Point Beach, Darien, CT.

CT: Greenwich: L’Escale French Restaurant.

This restaurant checked off all the marks.

The service was perfect – they were attentive but not on top of us. They were prompt and accurate on all requests.

The drinks were quality and delicious – he had Sancerre and I had a Bellini. A little secret that I appear to have a discerning palate with Bellinis recognizing the quality of the ingredients.

The food delicious. I had a salad with a nice big piece of salmon and he had hangar steak. I don’t generally eat steak but I had a bite and admit it was delicious! Good choice!

Then dessert. We chose a crème brûlée and that as well can be very hard to make well. The inside should be cool. The top should be warm and firm but crack nicely. And voila! It was as it should be!

Make reservations. Expect valet parking. You can’t beat the ambience inside or out. Great place for a special celebration as this was for one of my longest and dearest friends of 40 years!

500 Steamboat Road, Greenwich, CT

Inspiration: Lyme And Life

Always advocate for yourself.

I spent four months trying to figure out a plethora of symptoms to learn I have and have had Lyme for a while while being dismissed by a host of doctors (and unfortunately some friends). Truth is, some of the symptoms started three years ago.

Lyme can mimic some very serious illnesses so to say the least I was in a “health crisis.” By luck and continued pursuing, a Yale ENT Doctor finally suggested and tested me for Lyme and now I’m healing, have lost 15 pounds and am back to the gym.

I have a road in front of me but bottom line advocate for yourself and more importantly trust your instincts.

I’ll have more to share as I continue on my journey and learn more. Im still looking for the right protocol for the type(s) of Lyme I have and the history and symptoms around it.

It’s not one size fits all. But that’s true in many facets of life. For now I “pivot and pause” to see who stays and who goes as I continue my journey to health and happiness.

New Canaan- Waveny Park

A dozen times before I’ve walked at Waveny Park yet on this day I stumbled upon its beautiful sunken garden. Perhaps things do happen for a reason. I needed a surprise transforming moment.

I am grateful to have grown enough to recognize how appropriate the timing. I genuinely smiled as my friend and I opened the gate with butterflies and birds fluttering about as if to greet us.

Hey I can’t say I’m always so easily flipped from what started as a bad day. . . Or a bad week. But I’m learning not to cry over things in the past that may have happened but to smile because it’s over and allow myself to transition through the welcoming gate stronger and with greater knowledge based on my experiences.

CT: Norwalk: Norwalk Aquarium

A perfect respite for a hot and humid day. I took the kids when they were young and decided to check out what’s new since.

I enjoyed learning about the seals, walking as the butterflies flew all around, waving back at the turtle and watching the kids pet the stingrays! I was honestly thinking of driving to Hartford for the butterflies so it was so great to see some here.

There’s also a 4D theater with short movies for additional cost that made me feel like I was at Disneyworld.

Have a wonderful bite at Cafe Social around the block for reasonable priced and delicious food! I had a hot soup on a hot day – always cooling!

Norwalk Aquarium! Fun!

CT: Milford: Silver Sands/Walnut Beach (Sunset)

Stayed up for a golden sun down at Silver Sands. . .

. . . and a lovely moonlit return.

Recognize that while you can see the sunrise directly here in the morning, sunset is indirect here but provides you with a beautiful sky most especially with wispy clouds around.

I parked at Walnut Beach – having last year got locked in the lot at Silver Sands after dusk. For non residents, street parking is $5 an hour.

Milford, CT.

CT: Rowayton: Pinkney Park

My purpose in starting this blog is to help others find respite in close surroundings. My focus for over 25 years was largely on solving problems for my clients. While that certainly had its benefits, I often overlooked or more importantly I didn’t appreciate the present.

As I sat in their new gazebo, I saw a “gulp” of cormorants atop buoys along the river. One, however, didn’t have one and he started to swim by each one seemingly to ask each friend for a turn and was denied. I watched as he swam around the boat seeking for his respite. Finally he reached the last one and his friend jumped off allowing him to jump on and spread his wings to dry off!

Yay I screamed out! I felt a similar rush as if I had too had achieved a success. I then realized I had. To be present at this moment and appreciate and recognize all it offered and taught me.

Pinkney Park has a weekly farmers market on Fridays from 12-4 from April to October with a lovely setting by the river for lunch.

Rowayton, CT