MA: Berkshires- Lenox- Edith Wharton Estate- Nightwood

This was called Nightwood. It was also the night of a full Beaver Moon. The walk began down a path with music, lights and fog lighting up the woods leading up to the mansion. While I have not toured the actual estate, I loved the idea of a night walk around the property with colorfulContinue reading “MA: Berkshires- Lenox- Edith Wharton Estate- Nightwood”

MA: Berkshires- Stockbridge- Laura’s Tower (Hiking)

At the end of a dead street lay this beautiful suspension bridge. The street was so unassuming it was beyond my expectation to find not only the bridge but the beautiful stone arch as well as the greet just beyond. The trail continued by crossing a railroad track and reaching a tree to direct youContinue reading “MA: Berkshires- Stockbridge- Laura’s Tower (Hiking)”

MA: Berkshires- Chesterfield Gorge

Chesterfield Gorge in Chesterfield, MA offers six miles of river side hiking within a dramatic canyon. 1/2 mile of which is along the ridge of a steep gorge. Very cool albeit tough to capture the varying depths and curves of the rocks. The main trail is easy and I saw many walking their dogs. NavigatingContinue reading “MA: Berkshires- Chesterfield Gorge”

MA- Berkshires- Shelburne Falls

Along the Mohawk Trail you’ll find Shelburne Falls. Such a quaint small town with its famous and beautiful Bridge of Flowers. The hospitality at Shelburne Falls could only be matched by the beauty and care taken at the Bridge of Flowers with the changing colors on the mountain in the background. In addition to theContinue reading “MA- Berkshires- Shelburne Falls”

MA: Berkshires- West Stockbridge- Olivia’s Overlook

I appreciate opportunities to drive up to an overlook after hiking so much to them! Olivia’s Overlook provides that opportunity! The first time I went to this spot was on a road bike tour so it was a quick resting spot after struggling up a steep hill. Much easier to appreciate driving to it whichContinue reading “MA: Berkshires- West Stockbridge- Olivia’s Overlook”

MA: Berkshires-Lenox- Haven Cafe

While there was a queue to get in, I found the staff to be attentive and organized. The food to follow was excellent and the cinnamon and vanilla latte the best I have ever had. For my meal I enjoyed eggs “sardo” which I was familiar with from many years prior when eating brunch inContinue reading “MA: Berkshires-Lenox- Haven Cafe”

MA: Berkshires-Mount Greylock

Opened through October 31, the visitors center offers a caretaker who has worked there for 50 years and knows the mountain as if his own. I feel so fortunate that while I arrived at 8:45, he opened the door to greet me as they normally open at 9. He suggested Rounds Rock Trail – AnContinue reading “MA: Berkshires-Mount Greylock”

MA: Berkshires- Charlemont- Bissell Bridge

I tend to look up covered bridges near where I’m going. This one had an overlook to view down upon the waterfall and bridge but not at my angle of preference A bit brazen I know, I walked down an incline. Surprisingly I was greeted by two guys who were in the cold Fall waters.Continue reading “MA: Berkshires- Charlemont- Bissell Bridge”

MA: Berkshires- Stockbridge- Naumkeag Public Garden

The first time I drove past these gardens they were closed. I was happy to be able to pre-register and walk the grounds on this August evening in 2021. The estate and grounds were donated to allow the public to have an opportunity to enjoy what this wealthy family experienced many year’s ago. Below isContinue reading “MA: Berkshires- Stockbridge- Naumkeag Public Garden”

MA- Stockbridge- Chesterwood

Daniel Chester French was the sculptor of the famous Lincoln Memorial statue in Washington DC. How pleasantly surprised I was to find that they made a museum and art gallery of his former home in which there was another Lincoln statue of his displayed. The Lincoln Memorial is internationally famous and people come from farContinue reading “MA- Stockbridge- Chesterwood”