CT: Fairfield County- Westport-Compo Beach

Shhh . . . want to know a secret? Many of the beautiful shore beaches that are otherwise expensive to access for a non-resident is available to non-residents off season. What fun is that off-season? Wait, did you really think that? Let me show you. . . Activities: Beach, Walk, Bike, Sunset, Picnic Compo BeachContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Westport-Compo Beach”

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NY: Westchester County-Katonah- Lasdon Park

If you’re looking for a low key walk in the park alone or with kids, Lasdon Park offers different paved areas to include explanations of the surrounding trees and plantings as well as interactive areas for the kids. Lasdon park is a former estate of a philanthropist that enjoyed birds and nature. The property wasContinue reading “NY: Westchester County-Katonah- Lasdon Park”

CT: Middlesex County-Chester-Hadlyme Ferry

Next door to Gillette Castle is the ferry crossing between these two towns. As per Wiki, the Chester–Hadlyme ferry is a seasonal ferry crossing the Connecticut River between the town of Chester, Connecticut and the village of Hadlyme. It is the second oldest continuously operating ferry service in the state of Connecticut and is aContinue reading “CT: Middlesex County-Chester-Hadlyme Ferry”

CT: Middlesex County-Haddam-Gillette Castle (The Grounds)

I have visited Gillette Castle three times and it’s been a unique experience each time. But the last visit on a misty day in the Fall was by far the best. The blog is on the grounds as I have not yet toured the house. The original castle was commissioned and designed by William Gillette,Continue reading “CT: Middlesex County-Haddam-Gillette Castle (The Grounds)”

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CT: Fairfield County- Housatonic Rail-Trail – Trumbull (Pequannock Valley Greenway)

I found this trail when walking around at lunch when I first started working in Trumbull, CT in 2016. As a born and bread NYC gal I had not discovered all CT had to offer until I had already lived here for over 20 years. Soon thereafter I rediscovered my love of biking and thisContinue reading “CT: Fairfield County- Housatonic Rail-Trail – Trumbull (Pequannock Valley Greenway)”

NY: Hudson Valley-Mario Cuomo Bridge

The former Tappan Zee Bridge had been identified as one of the more dangerous bridges to cross due to its wear and tear. Many years later the new Mario Cuomo Bridge was constructed. It includes a walkway and bike way. Two distinct dedicated paths for walkers and bikers connecting the wonderful towns of Tarrytown/Sleepy HollowContinue reading “NY: Hudson Valley-Mario Cuomo Bridge”

CT: Windham County-Woodstock, Roseland Cottage

Learning to be present doesn’t stop when you leave your destination. I have learned to increase my level of attention and awareness while driving. (Good thing, I get it). What I’m referring to is taking my time and assessing my surroundings while I drive and not always be in such a rush to get toContinue reading “CT: Windham County-Woodstock, Roseland Cottage”

NY: Hudson Valley-Garrison-Manitoga

Open your ears to nature. I could not have imagined such a beautiful event as iForest. It is music created for the forest and is heard in the forest. After the IForest walk, a tour of the Russel Wright home and grounds was provided. The inside of the studio incorporated elements of the outdoors intoContinue reading “NY: Hudson Valley-Garrison-Manitoga”

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NY: Hudson Valley- The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

At 2/3 less capacity, required masks and 10ft distance between everyone the Pumpkin Blaze was an awesome Fall stroll. TIP: Ticket reservations need to be made well in advance for this event. The stroll was easy and the displays impressive. TIP: taking photographs in this lighting isn’t simple and tripods are not allowed. You needContinue reading “NY: Hudson Valley- The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze”

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CT: Windham County- Putnam

A small town in the Northwestern corner had a great deal to offer. There was a beautiful waterfall as you cross the bridge to the town. On either side of the waterfall there is a park that lines the river with engaging sculptures which are worthy of photo ops.

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