CT: Windham County- Putnam

A small town in the Northwestern corner had a great deal to offer.

There was a beautiful waterfall as you cross the bridge to the town. On either side of the waterfall there is a park that lines the river with engaging sculptures which are worthy of photo ops.

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CT:Litchfield County-Lake Waramaug

A wonderful setting for a family picnic and outdoor fun. It’s a state campground in the main and appears to be well cared for and safe (although Full disclosure I have not been camping).


A small beach allows for kids to play in the water while the bigger lake beyond has areas for kayaking and motor boating. There is even a snack bar here during the summer.

Kayaking on Lake Waramaug

TIP: Large parking area near the beach which is manned during the summer. They did a great job limiting capacity during the summer 2020 pandemic.

Additionally there is a six mile loop around the lake which is a perfect opportunity for an easy and scenic road bike ride.

TIP: Parts of the road around the lake do not have a wide shoulder so be cautious as you bike along side the cars.

TIP: The biggest challenge I had with this area is the cell phone service is sketchy at best but you can find a spot or two as you walk around lake.

One my favorite vineyards and restaurants are nearby – Hopkins Vineyard and Hopkins Inn. Will link to their blogs shortly. But certainly makes for an awesome day trip.

Being Present Gift of the Day

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Inspiration: Shoot for the Moon

To take the time for yourself by being in the outdoors is a gift you give to yourself.

Being present with your surroundings is an even bigger gift.

Sharing with others establishes a positive connection.

Sounds so simple. Not so simple.

Beauty in people, places and things are sometimes easy to see and sometimes it takes extra effort and focus.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

This blog shares pictures of different places and remarks on how “present” you may need to be to find its beauty.

An ocean facing sunset is a beautiful but an easy sight to behold.

I share some of those moments with you that were not as easy to see. I had to learn to see them. I had to be present.

A weathervane with a bow and arrow shooting the moon is not as easy to find unless you are focused on what is around you and you’re fully present in that moment.

Being Present Gift of the Day

Inspirational photograph taken at Lover’s Leap Park, October 2020

Next time you’re outside, any where, I challenge you to pause and really look around you.

The shape of a rock, the color of the leaves, the intent of the squirrel, the sounds of the water.

Do you see it any differently when you look at it with a higher degree of appreciation?

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